UNIBOOT – The versatile rescue boat, flood boat, aluminum boat for fire brigade, Technical Relief Service (THW) and German Life Saving Society (DLRG)

universally usable – Easy handling - durable and cost-effective

  • land mobile with wheels
  • quick splashdown without a ramp
  • can be used in shallow water up to 0 cm
  • Rescue on train tracks
  • can be used by floods in smaller towns
  • Safe ice rescue
  • usable with diving ladder
  • fan drive on widely flooded wetlands
  • Special trailer for fast transport
  • and other practical accessories ...


UNIBOOT – The universal rescue boat with wheels – The point is: wheels instead of castors

UNIBOOT has four puncture-proof solid rubber wheels

  • For overcoming high water free areas
  • for quick splashdown without a ramp
  • The unloading and loading of the special trailer by only one person.

Uniboot is easily dirigible because of its axis (see photo), even with heavy loads it remains manoeuvrable.

It is quite easy: An individual holds himself at the rail and rides as in sailing.

The load of the entire boat is then on only two wheels (one axle).
It can be held very easily as with a scale.
The boat turns on the spot, almost as if by itself!

The persons or loads are located near the axis of rotation.

UNIBOOT with flangewheels
- Risk-free and fast rescue transport to rail tracks away from streets and sidewalks of tunnels and railway bridges.

The evacuees are safe and sitting transported. This is especially important for

  • small children,
  • elderly people
  • People with movement limitations.

We provide you with the kit for attaching the flange wheels. They can be quickly, easily and without tools attached to your existing boat.


Details with sense and reason

Three robust wooden boards, variable use

  • as seat benches
  • as stairs, inserted directly into the railing
  • As a bridge, as a rudderbank and many other

Closed seat benches (UNIBOOT type Rolandseck) in the longitudinal direction ...

…offers you a perfect storage place.

Plug-in rail for portside and starboard side

  • fully welded, therefore floatable
  • For safe entry and exit (for the elderly, by walking uncertainties)
  • for maneuvering and driving on land
  • to accommodate boards as stair


  • Are securely inserted inside the scheer rail
  • and always ready for use as punt pole or paddle at bottlenecks, in shallow waters.


Flood rescue in small towns


UNIBOOT is very easy to move, drive and steer by one person thanks to its wheels and its light weight.


The wheels allow very quick splashdown. Flood free areas and even uneven surfaces are easy to override.


People can easily and very safely enter and exit flood-free places, material can be loaded and unloaded.
Also in the floating boat, the initial stability when getting in and out is very high.
The box shape of the boat causes a large water displacement at the boat sides.

Lightweight and robust

Made of 2.5 mm aluminum sheet, UNIBOOT is very light and yet robust, easy to clean, durable and maintenance free.


Use in very shallow and standing water

Security for the rescuers

The rescuers can stay in the shallow water area in the boat.
This is very important: The rescuers would otherwise run the risk of injury to obstacles under water or to fall into sewers.

Very low depth of flotation

UNIBOOT has only a depth of approx. 18 cm, thanks to ist flat, lighter formed bottom.
From about 5-10 cm of water reach the wheels: Even here the boat does not set, but remains mobile.
It can easily roll on flood-free sites and the passengers get off dry.

The drive in very shallow waters: the pusher fan

The outboard is quickly tilted upwards. The rescuers take the rudders or use the air blower as a drive.

Transport to the place of accident

The special trailer - no slip-ramp needed for splashdown

On our special trailers for cars and trucks, Uniboot can be transported directly to the site.

Overcoming short routes or narrow passages

  • UNIBOOT can be carried comfortably at various spots (handles)
  • or roll on its wheels, wherewith it´s still steerable, even over dirt roads or sloping terrain, over curbs and paving stones, rubble etc.

Transport by helicopter for extreme operations

  • Difficult-to-access terrain or isolated locations can be reached quickly by helicopter transport.


Ice rescue - quick and safe assistance

The rescue operation on ice surfaces is particularly safe for the rescuer as well as for the ones who need saving and takes place quickly.

  • Aluminum is extremely slippery, light and yet robust (sharp ice edges, hits,…)
  • With the help of the wheels, the rescuers quickly meet the injured.
  • Low point load!
  • The total weight is distributed over 4 widely spaced, elastic wheels.
  • The injured are safe next to the low side wall.
  • The return transport is very easy for everyone:

In a safe position the remaining helpers pull the boat back with a rope with the rescuer and the injured on the boat.
Or the rescuer pulls the boat back with a rope attached to the shore itself.

Transport by helicopter for extreme usage

Access to difficult terrain or far-away sites can be achieved quickly by helicopter transport.


The wise choice of the engine

Decisive for the selection of the motor is the flow velocity at the point of application.

Flooding is usually taking place either directly in the village or on local, flooded roads, so in the shallow water area.
Here, the flow velocity is at most 2-3 km / h.

For comparison

The flow velocity in the river of the Rhine was about 15 km / h during the hundred year flood, about 4-5 km / h in the shore area (on the towpath). Heavy motors are unsuitable for flood operations. Only with a small, light engine and a light agile boat can the site be reached quickly and safely.

The wise choice:

A light 2.5 hp combustor or as a variant, a 1000 watt electric outboard motor. It is only 13 kg heavy, goes up to 8 km / h and offers you many advantages.

  • It is more efficient than a tenacious rowers.
  • It can be rotated 360 degrees, so the boat remains nimble and maneuverable.
  • While driving over shallow areas, it can be tilted quickly and easily, so that the propeller is not touching the ground and is not damaged.
  • It can be easily attached and removed by only one person.
  • Purchase and repairs are cost-efficient.


How is UNIBOOT stored?

UNIBOOTs can be stacked on top of each other in a "six-pack" up to 2.65 m height.

Storage on wall and celling

With the simple suspension for ceilings and walls, the boat can be easily stowed by one person.


Configure your own boat

We will gladly advise you further.

Do you need brackets for special equipment

  • e.g. for a defibrillator?
  • Perforations in frames for the attachment of various equipment, e.g. a portable pump? (see Photo)

We have an open ear for your individual ideas and wishes!

Please contact us.

7 Good reasons for a UNIBOOT

1. Since the start of construction in 1993, no repairs and no complaints. However, welding work can be carried out simply because there are no foamed cavities.

2. UNIBOOT is absolutely maintenance-free,

3. no preparation time, immediately ready for use,

4. Robust, cost-effective and recyclable, since completely made of saltwater-proof aluminum,

5. Resistant to intense sunlight, extreme temperatures, sea water, sharp edges, impacts.

6. Boot and trailer can be cleaned quickly: Simply done with a hose or high-pressure cleaner, finished!

7. Uniboot is also an ideal rowing/ recreational/ fishing boat and absolutely sinkproof.

The buoyancy unit is 525 l and carries 6 people and more ...


UNIBOOT – A success story since 1993

The hundred year flood in 1993 once again showed that the usual heavy and cumbersome, High-powered rescue boats are not suitable for high-water use.

On the contrary, flooding boats must

  • be quickly and easily moved by only one helper over flood-free areas.
  • be able to pick up people and material on the dry surface.
  • be handy, lightweight yet robust.

This ist the reason why we developed our UNIBOOT with wheels.

  • TYPE Oberwinter can take up to 6 people, Type Rolandseck can take up to 14 people,
  • we respond in time to the wishes and changing needs of our customers,
  • we continuously optimize the functionality, such as: the divers' ladders for safe descent into deep water areas, special oarlocks from which the rudder can not slide into the water, special trailer with adjustable drawbar, the fan drive, which enables use in very shallow waters
  • and had no complaints or repairs from the beginning.
  • Since May 2015, we have also been able to offer you UNIBOOT as a universal rescue equipment with flanged wheels for the railway tracks.