Accessories for UNIBOOT - Navigation

The divers ladder for the rescue boat

Aluminium diving ladder, for hooking and locking on the boat hull


  • comfortable and safe to walk with flippers

Quickly ready for use

  • is easy and simple to lock on Uniboot without any tools


  • easy to carry by attaching it to the railing

Cost-effective and durable

  • Maintenance-free and lightweight since completely made of aluminum

The rope drum as an accessory for ice rescue

The rope drum - simple attachment, locks automatically, is immediately ready for use


  • rope drum with 200 meters of red, floating rope
  • rope is moored on the shore or left with other helpers
  • low side walls lighten the recovery of the injured person
  • pull the boat together with the people back to shore with the help of the rope


Quickly ready for use

  • easy and simple to lock on Uniboot without tools


Cost-effective and durable

  • Maintenance-free and lightweight, since its completely made of aluminum and plastic

For ice rescue: The “ice rescue fork”, a unique wooden ladder with barbs

  • Pulling out a man out of the water or ice onto safe terrain can be risky for everyone involved.

  • The injured is immobile and heavy due to the cold water. Nevertheless, he must be recovered from the ice as quickly as possible.


Our 3 m long ice fork, a wooden ice ladder is the ideal rescue tool for this purpose.

...and like all our products cleverly thoughtout right down to the smallest details.

With a light lever movement, a single rescue worker can raise a twice as heavy person out of the water in 3 to 5 seconds.

The key feature: saw teeth on the one side of the ladder rails

  • The "saw teeth" serve as barbs, so the ladder cannot slip back and does not have to be held with difficulty.
  • At the bottom of the ladder, the teeth are deeper, flattened at the end, because: if the injured is pulled in, he cannot slip anymore. Due to this feature, the pulling is much easier.
  • The ice rescue ladder can be pulled in little by little and safely with small lever movements, without any tension and can be moved with little effort back and forth.
  • Tooth after tooth, the injured is gently, almost automatically brought into the boat.

Why wood instead of metal?

With icy fingers it is much better to grab wood than metal (because of the heat conduction). This can be life-saving for the injured.

Why wooden rungs instead of perforated sheet?

The icy water drains quickly. The rungs act as a brake, so the injured does not slide down.

The rungs: Why are they rounded on the top and at different distances?

  • The injured is more comfortable than on squared rungs.
  • Round rungs are easier and more comfortable to grab, more secure than square ones.
  • The risk of injury is lower.
  • The distances between the rungs are different. Where the injured lies, they are narrower. This provides security and stability for the body.

The ice ladder is ideal with 3 m length ...

...because the leverage is optimal, the rescuer is at safe distance.

Why does the rescue device have a fork-like shape?

At the long shaft, a single man can easily push down the ladder, move it around, and handle it while catching the person in the water.

Small, thoughtful details with a big effect

"Stainless steel shoes" at the bottom of the ladder


  • The rails have stainless steel shoes at the bottom of the ice ladder.
  • They are used for ice breaking and as a boat hook for repelling and pulling on ice edges.
  • They reinforce the rail ends and the bottom rung, thus providing the wood optimal protection against damage.

The impact head at the top

  • protects the wood at the handle end,
  • helps to crush ice,
  • for pushing away ice
  • to move ice floes.

The engines for flood boat

Please note:

Many rescue boats are Over-motorized.
UNIBOOT needs only a light outboard.


Ideal for continuous use in flooded areas - a 4 hp gasoline engine

  • This makes UNIBOOT as fast as a fast rowing boat (about 150m / min)
  • And you can also reach contact points in a few minutes


For short operations on lakes - the electric motor Torqeedo 800 watts

  • as fast as the gasoline engine
  • very light
  • very quick installation to the boat
  • immediately ready for use thanks to a long-lasting battery


So equipped is UNIBOOT

  • license free
  • easy to handle by one person
  • Cost-effective: you save man-power and high acquisition costs


The engine transport carriage with 30 l or 140 l water tank for engines from 6 hp to 20 hp

Comfortable maintenance - ideal long-term storage

During long-term storage, the engine must be kept VERTICAL, and a maintenance run should be performed at regular intervals.
Both of our engine transport carriages are made of aluminium.


By both motor carriages

  • the motor is suspended vertically during long-term storage.
  • The container is filled with water hose via the quick coupling.
  • The maintenance run can now take place comfortably.
  • The hose connection is then simply removed and the water flows out.
  • The engine can be safely rolled back on stable wheels.
  • We deliver the cars partly assembled, in eight parts. You can simply put them together with a few handgrips and screw them together (self-explanatory!).


The transport bracket made of aluminum for your outboard motor

… and your UNIBOOT will be ready for departure in the event of an emergency.


Quick and easy to install

  • The engine transport bar can be inserted tool-free into the existing plastic sockets of oarlocks and locks automatically.
  • Up to three motors can be mounted with their clamping screws in it.

The transport with the trailer is very safe

The driving behavior of the trailer remains almost the same - with or without engine load, because the support bar is placed centrally in the boat on the trailer axle. The tow bar load therefore changes only very slightly.


Engine mount on the reiling for transportation: Your engine is at hand at departure.

The motor transport mount can be easily attached and tightened to the railing.The engine hangs upright as required by the manufacturers.

The big advantage: the engine does not have to be brought into the boat at departure, but is already stored there safely, so it is always at hand. This can save lives in an emergency.

UNIBOOT with fan drive for operation in wetlands

The fan replaces the outboard motor

  • Bushes, shallows, etc. can safely be crossed over.
  • UNIBOOT remains manoeuvrable as usual
  • and steerable.


Safe entry and exit

  • on dry land
  • The wheels reach the ground from approx. 15 cm water depth.


The fan drive

  • is already present in many fire departments
  • or is supplied on request.


The right operating platform

  • With adjustable edge (for safe locking of the fan)
  • and retractable tiller (as with the outboard),
  • is attached without tools,
  • is rotatable through 360 °,
  • can also be locked, so you can steer with the rudders.

The tow bar

A tow bar is essential for hauling oil barriers or slightly larger boats.

  • The towing hook must be in front of the propeller.


Our tow bar, made entirely of aluminum, provides the following relief:

  • It can be quickly and easily inserted in front of the buoyancy body into a special holder.

  • The boat remains controllable, because the pivot point is located in front of the propeller and slightly above the engine. The line is then over the engine.

Another advantage

The tow bar can be carried in your boat under the thwart effortlessly and easily.

This makes it easily to hand when needed.
We weld the bracket for the tow bar as desired by the purchase of new Uniboot. Or we will supply you bracket and rod for self-assembly for your existing boat.


Flanged wheels for safe rescue transport on rail

Quick rescue even in unapproachable places

  • away from streets and walkways
  • from tunnels
  • of railway bridges
  • simply roll the boat onto the rails in an easily accessible location (for example, a railroad crossing)
  • Then push on the flange wheels to the place of the accident


Especially safe

  • for small children
  • elderly people
  • People with movement limitations
    as sedentary transport

Easy retrofitting your existing UNIBOOT

  • with the flange wheels kit
  • tool-free mounting by rescue operation
  • existing wheels remain on the boat

Requirements for stretchers and rescue baskets made of stainless steel and rubber

  • non-slip,
  • robust,
  • quick and easy to handle.


The brackets are simply pushed onto the boat. The stretcher is secure and non-slippery due to its own weight.
The feet are placed exactly between the rubber pads: the stretcher can not slip.

In extreme situations, the stretcher and the basket can be secured additionally with a belt.


The wheelchair ramp for your UNIBOOT - comfortable, safe and easy to handle

  • Two ramp profiles and two support profiles with stopper are simply attached to the bow.
  • The wheelchair can now easily be pushed onto the boat and fastened with tensioning belts.
  • The person sitting can hold on to both railings and feel secure between them.

We provide you with the two ramps and support profiles with a holder for storage in the boat.