SONNI - The Solarboot

SONNI – The private excursion boat for the whole family

With SONNI, you can enjoy romantic landscapes during day trips or multi-day trips on lakes, canals or low-flow rivers.SONNI – The practical ferry and workboat for marinas.

SONNI – The practical ferry and workboat for marinas

In the marina, SONNI can be used as a ferryboat for boats at buoys, for food supply for swimming boat houses, or for small repairs on off-grid jetties (electrical connection optional)

SONNI- the original and modern complement to pedal or electric boats for boat rentals

SONNI is easy to use, provides sun and rain protection, the entry and exit is comfortable and safe for all ages and the ride is a lot of fun!

SONNI – ideal for use by nature conservation organizations and at drinking water reservoirs

Silent, easy to use and without pollutant emissions: SONNI helps with the care and inspection of waters in sensitive nature reserves. For researchers and documentary filmmakers, SONNI offers a great deployable radius.

SONNI – The comfortable solar ferry for passenger transport on narrow rivers and canals

SONNI provides an environmentally friendly, cost-effective ferry service and it‘s very easy to maintain.

The structure - every detail well thought out!

Operation time

  • in cloudy weather 4-40 hours of electricity from the battery storage
  • under a cloudless sky, tranquil driving directly with solar power


  • Hulls, superstructures, roof mostly made of aluminum
  • can be separated and sorted into its components

easy launching

  • Option for boat trolley

Power supply for electronic devices

  • No pollutant emission
  • no noise
  • low weight

Low cleaning expenses

  • no bilge (water retention), all immersions are self-draining

Easy boarding

  • Even with physical disabilities
  • level entry
  • Good initial stability

Easy to use

  • Operation can be learned intuitively
  • Control stick is controllable from both front seats
  • Steering control, engine power, headway and astern drive is stepless by a single-handed operation

license free

intrinsically safe

  • six waterproof flotation chambers

Sun and rain protection

  • covered seats
  • lowered risk of sunburn
  • six waterproof flotation chambers


  • No foamed cavities
  • Welding is possible anywhere


  • made of seawater-resistant aluminum
  • no rotting
  • no aging when exposed to sunlight
  • no polishing required

lower storage space requirements

  • Double hulls, seats, solar roofs, etc. can be stacked to save space
  • Roof, seats, battery box are removable
  • Trailer and winter storage in a " pack of four"

Reduced risk of injury to swimmers

  • Propeller runs in the casing pipe

Extensive propeller protection

  • Propeller runs in the casing pipe

Low operating costs

Technische Daten

Performance data

Carrying capacity 300 kg (4 adults)
Total weight (unoccupied) 285 kg
Total weight (occupied by 4 persons) 585 kg
Calculated total volume of both hulls 1.220 Liter
Reserve buoyancy 635 kg


Length 4.300 mm
Width 1.700 mm
Height over waterline loaded (with spoiler) 1.884 mm
Draught loaded 240 mm


Design form Twin hull (catamaran), roof and seat construction is detachable
Material Aluminum, seawater resistant
Wall thickness of the hulls 2,5 mm
Rows of seats 2 (each with 2 seats) made of aluminum
Control Control stick next to the front seat row with variable speed control including forward, reverse and stop (single hand operation)

Solar power supply / drive

Solar modules 2 pcs. TYP RAP, 112 Wp = 224 Wp
Batteries 4 pcs. Varta-Solar, 12 V/100 Ah = 4,8 kWh
E-Motor Type 4 HP MinnKota