VAMOX – the garbage storage made of stainless steel or aluminium

  • Timeless design
  • Noble material
  • The ideal solution for storing unsightly garbage cans



Our garbage storage VAMOX – completely made of stainless steel- transforms the often unsightly garbage site at your home into a clean and stylish view.



The colored alternative: VAMOX, completely made of powder-coated aluminum:

Choose the right color …

A one-time investment that pays off: VAMOX the garbage storage, which will not rot and rust, is durable and robust.

VAMOX is safe: doors and top (top is optional) can be locked and the cabinet is firmly anchored in the ground.


Well thought-out in every detail: Two gas springs open the box and the top and keep them open. This way both hands remain free when filling the bins.


Variable: The single and double boxes (for 120/240 L) can be combined and expanded as desired.

VAMOX can be cleaned quickly and easily: Just wash it (like your car) and it’s finished.

Further details:

The floor anchors can be individually height-adjusted up to 60 mm. Thus the garbage storage is suitable for a fixed base and also for gentle slopes.

We offer various labeling fields, optical seperation help, elegant handles

We have been manufacturing Vamox since 2010 - completely "made in Oberwinter" and we look forward to many satisfied customers.