ROX – The burglar-proof cigarette cabinet

The daily time-consuming loading and unloading of your tobacco products
is past ...

... and you can sleep peacefully again.

Protection against burglary and theft of their tobacco products

  • During the day, your goods are attractively presented, at night they are secured behind a massive steel roller shutter.
  • ROX is mounted to the ground with heavy-duty anchors and is easy to handle despite its robust construction.
  • The investment pays off even on one single burglary, insurance coverage may regain or insurance costs may reduce.

Assembly - fast and easy

  • Installation usually during business hours in about 1½ hours
  • Expensive dismantling of the counter, etc. is no longer needed.
  • Existing (ordinary) shelves can be used: Space requirement only approx. 2 cm.
  • Simple, easy transportation to the installation site, through standard entrance doors using clever transport aids
  • Installation is carried out by our technical personnel, or:
  • We supply you assembly aids (dimension sheets with drill template, special truck for transport).

Easy manual handling

Despite harder locking easy operation of the roller shutter

One-time investment - I nsurance protection

  • The investment often pays off even on one single burglary.
  • Your insurance coverage may be regained, or costs can be reduced.


  • Cabinet base with drawers (unlocked)
  • Panel for the attachment of flat screens, advertising signs

Technical specifications

Cabinet frame 3 mm thick, powder coated steel sheet
Roller shutter made from the most massive steel profiles (galvanized) on the market
Lock Hidden 4-point special locking system
Floor mounting heavy-duty anchors
Size width: 2020mm height: 2400mm depth: 540 mm
Weight 350 kg