Our company:
tradition - quality - responsibility

Since its founding in 1908, artistic and construction metalworks of Georg Schaefer has been well-known for its outstanding craftsmanship and the beauty of its work.

On the basis of this tradition, we extended the family business in 1973.
From the old smithy we moved to the former "Oberwinterer apple juice" factory Kleinhans & Eckertz. With our production, we fill all the buildings of the factory.

Unconventional constructions of excellent quality

We convince our customers again and again with technically unconventional implementation of customer requirements, the ease of use of the structures and the quality of our work. This applies to individual work as well as to series products:
From commercial vehicle wash systems, to the environmentally-friendly solar boat Sonni, UNIBOOT, the burglar-proof cigarette cabinet ROX, the fully automatic cabioclu boat cabine, to the floating aluminum boathouse (in the Rheinau- Hafen in Cologne).

In 1998 we received the Innovation Award of Landes Rheinland-Pfalz.

Our products: "made in Oberwinter"

All products are completely "made in Oberwinter" from the idea through the planning with modern CAD programs to the production with efficient CNC machines.

Satisfied costumers

Our works are known for decades among our customers, among others, the company Steinbrückner (commercial vehicle wash), the renowned Hans Arp Museum railway station Rolandseck, the company SGL-Karbon, numerous fire brigades in Germany and Austria - and demand is growing steadily.

Our responsibility

We see our responsibility is also to create and maintain jobs in a permanent position.
Since 1908 years, we have provided young people with qualified training in a good working environment.