Company history

Artistic metalworker master Georg Schaefer (Senior) founded the "Art and construction metal works Schaefer with force operation". He was nationally known for the special quality craftsmanship and the shapeliness of his wrought iron gates, and sacred works. 

Filigree craftsmanship

An artistic mirror, decorated with stem roses and flowers, fine fire welded tendrils made from one piece.

1945 Georg Schaefer (Junior) took over the business. The metalsmith and building fitter master extended smithery by interesting material combinations made of brass, copper, tombac, wood and glass.

Style and shapeliness

He created artful objects (tables and chests) in wrought iron with brass and copper inlays.


Since 1973 Werner Schaefer significantly extended the family business.

He finds technically unconventional solutions for individual piece production, and surprises his customers with it.

Innovations with environmental concerns

The solar boat SONNI is one of the many innovations that Werner Schaefer has launched.


Helga Schaefer works in the office and in the organization. She is the heart and soul of the company.


The fourth generation: Christian Schaefer completed an apprenticeship as a businessman and as a metal fabricator. He works in the shop and in customer service.