We build UNIBOOT in two sizes


Is particularly suitable for rescue operations in towns, in narrow streets, as it is very handy, light and manoeuvrable with a total length of 4.30 m.


is more suitable for road districts and long-distance rescues. It can be occupied by up to 14 people.

Technical Data

Type "Oberwinter" Type "Rolandseck"
Form flat-bottomed; Bow and stern are uniform
Use features and application possibilities Due to small dimensions it is very manoeuvrable, good manoeuvrability in narrow streets is proved, e.g. to take in stray help seekers. For transporting a greater number of people over long distances in currents as a shuttle service.
For ice rescue accident victims and injured people by the DLRG or fire department.
Length 4,30 m 5,60 m
Width 1,50 m 1,90 m
Height 0,50 m 0,55 m
Hull weight 125 kg 255 kg
Weight of the railing 10 kg 10 kg
Weight of the floorboards (3 pcs.) 20 kg 35 kg
Weight of the boat oars 5 kg 5 kg
Total weight 155 kg 305 kg
Empty load draft without rims ca. 5 cm ca. 5 cm
Filled load draft with 6 Persons ca. 18 cm with 14 Persons ca. 20 cm
Buoyancy volume 540 l 1.264 l
Benches Three in crosswise direction There's no in longitudinal direction In the longitudinal direction at port and starboard there is a locked bench of 3.50 m length. On one side, at about 1.50 m openable and usable as storage space. Drainage in case of rain towards outboard.
Structure At the bow and stern you can feel a buoyancy. The upper surface forms a walkable flat platform of 1 m length, made of corrugated sheet (textured sheet).
Floorboards 3 pcs. In the boats are brackets, so that the floorboards at various locations (depending on purpose of use) can be inserted, for example, as horns, steps, seats, thwarts (existing oarlocks in adequate distance).
Railing At the bow at the port and the starboard is a pluggable-railing made of aluminium tube with an outer diameter of 40 mm and a length of about 1.20 m, which can be removed if necessary. Within the rail stanchions are mounts for a lifebuoy (optional). Available with inlaid floorboards as stairs. (Increased safety for the elderly)
Wheels Use on flat or non-flooded sites. The bearing load of the wheels is dimensioned for the total weight (boat + 6 people). The wheels with plastic wheel and plain bearings mounted on a stainless steel axle, are easy to remove and to replace from the outside.
Outboard engine Engine mount at the tail
Material and mechanical properties Seawater resistant aluminium, floor, decks, side and inner parts of 2,5 mm thick, lateral upper border of 40 mm round tube. Security by pontoon-like design of boat hulls on fragile ice surfaces; aluminium boats can slide over sharp ice edges. Low side walls facilitate the rescue of injured persons. The wheels and floorboard arrangement is selected so that the parts can be removed when they're not in use and can be stored weatherproofly.

Boats used by fire brigades to carry out emergency rescue missions and technical assistance are subject to DIN 14961 - boats for the fire brigade.

This standard contains certain equipment features which we have adopted for our boat accordingly.

Equipment according to DIN EN 14961:

All accessible surfaces and the side walls inside are made of checker plate.
1-pair Wooden oars, length of 2 m, with fixed, rotatable oarlocks
3-pieces Floorboards, 1.30 m long, with a protective coating
2-pieces Plug-in aluminum railing at the bow, each one with port and starboard, with inserts for the wooden floorboards
1-piece Spare wheel with holder
1-piece Engine mounting
1-piece Tackle knife with holder
1-piece Boat hook, 1,800 mm long with holder
1-piece Mooring rope
1-piece Lifebuoy, BG-tested and approved, with holder
Color coding on the hull, fire red lacquered with white inscription of your fire brigade service station and boat number, height: 10 cm.
colored marking the freeboard

In addition, we offer special and useful accessories.