SLEITER - the movable emergency, pier and swimming ladder

  • for sport harbours in accordance with German guidelines
  • Sport Boat Clubs
  • for piers in Yachtclub
  • for a private pier in a bathing lake or swimming pond
  • for your swimming platform in the lake

... is only in the water when it is needed.

  • End of dangerous slipping on nasty steps (Algae growth)
  • end of troublesome underwater cleaning
  • and the damage caused by by flotsam, ice floes ...


In accordance with the guidelines of the German Sport Boat Clubs, marinas have to be designed to provide easy entry and exit possibilities (in case of emergency).

Our pier ladder, SLEITER, fulfills these requirements.


SLEITER is "mobile" and only in the water when it is needed.

If the emergency ladder is locked, it hangs over the water surface. With one simple manual action, it slides easily into the water - even for children it‘s "child's play", see video ...

… and you can easily and safely get into the water.

From the water, the emergency ladder can be easily pulled with one hand and then it sinks into the water by itself, so you reach the pier on comfortable steps.

SLEITER is suitable for many facilities and bathing platforms.

SLEITER is suitable for many facilities and bathing platforms.


  • A console is screwed tightly to the pier. (Sleiter is holded by this console.)
  • The long and round holes offer you various mounting options.
  • Now, the bathing ladder can be easily adjusted to the dock height.


SLEITER is conspicouos from afar,

so it offers you maximum safety in an emergency.

SLEITER is the ideal and elegant ladder for your private jetty, or your bathing platform.


We offer you a tubular frame, which you can choose optionally. It makes easier to get in or out of the water.

SLEITER is a one-time purchase that pays off for years to come.

  • It is completely made of aluminum, is powder-coated,
  • lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable,
  • stable and safe.
  • SLEITER is practical, easy to handle
  • and does not require any maintenance.

SLEITER is not an object for theft.

SLEITER is screwed to a substructure, which is fixed to the dock.
The ladder is useful only, when it’s connected to this structure.

And last but not least

  • Sleiter is elegant,
  • an eye-catcher at every jetty,
  • and also available in many colors.